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BVSD Security Communications
BVSD Security Communications
Security procedures now in place or being implemented in BVSD schools include the following:
  • When a school notifies the district of a suspicious occurrence in their school area that the principal believes warrants a message to families, that message will be shared district wide instead of just with the reporting school’s family contact list. This was a recommendation from parents. With approximately 40 percent of BVSD students open enrolling to either a charter school, a focus school, or a neighborhood school outside their residential neighborhood, this is a necessary change. 

  • BVSD will be conducting an assessment of current procedures for attendance calling beginning at the elementary school level. One action that will help schools maximize the timeliness of their attendance calls is if all parents would please remember to call their child’s school attendance line before the start of the school day if their child will be out of school for any reason. Also, if parents have not recently reviewed and, where necessary, updated their family’s contact information, BVSD asks that they please do so as soon as possible.

  • Requirements related to adults in BVSD schools will be rigorously enforced. One is that BVSD employees must always wear their school or district ID badge when in a school. Another is that every adult who enters a BVSD school is required to sign in as a visitor and receive a name tag or visitor badge. No adult should ever be in a BVSD school during school hours without visible ID.

  • All visitor entrances to a school building must continue to be routed through the main office visitor check in procedure. Should an emergency arise, the school office must know exactly who is in the building at any time, including all visitors.

  • Principals, in cooperation with BVSD Security and their school building staff, will continue to periodically review and discuss their school building’s crisis management plan which every school has in place. This plan combines universal BVSD security procedures with building specific security practices.

  • BVSD volunteer background checks will continue. Several parents responded to last week’s email saying they were concerned that the focus was on “stranger danger” to the exclusion of being aware of all adults who come in contact with students in a school day. Volunteer background checks and mandatory staff training about legally required reporting of suspected child abuse to social services or law enforcement are meant to address this point.

There are also additional procedures and crisis response strategies in place that are not publicly shared precisely because it could compromise their effectiveness if they were generally known.
Please contact BVSD Communications (communications@bvsd.org or 720-561-5824) with any questions or concerns that you may have and we will consult the appropriate office to get you an answer as soon as possible.