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Common Terms in Special Education
Common Terms/Acronyms​


ADA American with Disabilities Act
Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder
ASD​ Autism Spectrum Disorders​
ASL​ American Sign Language​
AT​ ​Assistive Technology
AYP​ ​Adequate Yearly Progress
BCBA ​Board Certified Behavior Analyst
​BSP ​Behavior Support Plan
​BOCES ​Board of Cooperative Educational Services
CCB Community Center Board
​CDE ​Colorado Department of Education
CEC ​Council for Exceptional Children
CP ​Cerebral Palsy
CPI ​Crisis Prevention Intervention
CPP ​Colorado Preschool Project
CSEAC ​Colorado Special Education Advisory Committee
DAP ​Developmentally Appropriate Practice
DB ​Deaf-Blind
​DD ​Developmentally Disabled
​D/HOH ​Deaf/Hard of Hearing
​DVR ​Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
​ECE ​Early Childhood Education
ECEA ​Exceptional Children's Education Act
​ECSE ​Early Childhood Special Education
​ED ​Emotional Disability
​ELL ​English Language Learner
​ESL ​English as a Second Language
​ESY ​Extended School Year
​FAPE ​Free Appropriate Public Education
​FAS ​Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
FBA ​Functional Behavior Assessment
​FERPA ​Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
​HCAP ​Health Care Action Plan
​IDEA ​Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
​IEE ​Independent Educational Evaluation
​IEP ​Individualized Education Program/Plan
​ILP ​Individual Literacy Plan
​LEA ​Local Education Agency
​LRE ​Least Restrictive Environment
OCD ​Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
OCR ​Office of Civil Rights
​ODD ​Oppositional Defiant Disorder
​OSEP ​Office of Special Education Programs
​OT ​Occupational Therapy
​PCD ​Perceptional or Communicative Disability
​PEAK ​Parent Education and Assistance for Kids
PEP ​Parents Encouraging Parents
​PT ​Physical Therapy
​SEAC ​Special Education Advisory Council
SIED ​Significant Identifiable Emotional Disability
​SLD ​Specific Learning Disability
​SLP ​Speech Language Pathologist
SPED ​Special Education
​SWAP ​School to Work Alliance Program
TBI ​Traumatic Brain Injury
​TDD ​Telecommunications Device for the Deaf
​TOSA ​Teacher on Special Assignment