Superintendent's Strategic Plan
Executive Summaries 
The strategic planning steering committee has been working for over a year developing the foundation for the strategic plan. Implementation of the strategic plan will operationalize the BVSD Vision, Mission, Values and Goals. There are three Organizing Principles that drive the work of the strategic plan: Talent, Partnerships and Learning. Purpose statements developed by the strategic planning steering committee guided the work of the action design teams. Leadership and membership for each of the action design teams was representative of school and district administration, staff, community members and/or parents.
After months of extensive planning and revising the action design plans, each of the teams refined their work into Executive Summaries. The co-chairs presented the executive summaries to steering committee members in late October, resulting in additional editing and other revisions and work refinement. We are now ready to open up the documents for you and the public to read and appreciate the scope and magnitude of work included in the comprehensive design plans. Please keep in mind over the next several months the activities will be prioritized and calendared for implementation.
The next step in the process will be to cluster plans that are similar within each of the Organizing Principles in an effort to streamline the work to ensure greater focus and clarity. We will be working with the strategic planning steering committee to prioritize activities and prepare recommendations for your consideration. We have executed a contract for services with the regional education lab in Portland, Oregon - Education Northwest. The team from Education Northwest has become familiar with the Action Design Plans and Executive Summaries. They will support the implementation of the strategic plan by deeply analyzing student data, and conducting school based needs assessments. They will make recommendations on high impact strategies, from the strategic plan, based on their research and review of professional literature. Education Northwest will assist with the identification of measurements and indicators that will help us assess progress toward the district goals in each of the Principles - Talent, Partnership and Learning.
On December 16th, we conducted a BOE work session on the strategic plan with the assistance of members of the strategic plan executive and steering committees. The work session included an overview of the proposed strategies, and an opportunity to discuss next steps and address Board of Education members' questions. Vermilion, a local integrated design and interactive agency has been working with our team preparing a strategy to deliver a compelling message to the community introducing the Vision, Mission, Values, Goals and strategic plan. The informational campaign will launch after the first of the year.
We are very satisfied with the progress of the strategic plan. We believe it is bold, progressive, innovative and will result in the realization of the Vision, Mission, Values and Goals. Few organizations have the discipline to develop a plan for the future and make the commitment to achieve the outcome. BVSD has extraordinary talent, and in partnership with a highly supportive community, we will deliver on this strategic plan and achieve the district goals. Implementing the educational facility master plan in combination with this strategic plan presents an incredible opportunity and will have a lasting positive impact for students in the Boulder Valley School District.