​Superintendent's Strategic Plan
Timeline & Actions
  • November 2012: Formation of the community consensus process
  • June 2013: Adoption of the district goals by the Board of Education
  • Summer 2013: Selection and implementation of the Superintendent’s Strategic Planning Executive Committee
  • Fall 2013: Establishment of Superintendent’s Strategic Planning Steering Committee
  • Winter 2013: Identification of three organizing principles – Learning, Talent, & Partnerships
  • January 2014: Identification of Action Team areas of work
  • February 2014: Development of Action Teams
  • April 2014: Recruitment & selection of Action Design Team membership
  • May 2014: Action Design Team training
  • October 2014: Completion of Action Design Team work
  • January 2015: Launch of Action Teams
  • January 2015: Launch Strategic Plan Information/Awareness Campaign
  • January 2015: Establishment of Strategic Plan Priorities, including budget development process
  • Spring 2015: District Improvement Plan

The Executive Committee and the Superintendent’s Strategic Planning Steering Committee will continue to meet monthly throughout the 2014-15 school year to monitor and support the initial implementation of the BVSD Strategic Plan. The Action Design plans will be finalized in the fall of 2014, and shared with the Board of Education by the end of first semester. In January 2015, Strategic Plan Action Teams will be formed to implement the plans developed by the design teams. The work of the Action Teams will be integrated in the District Improvement Plan which will be finalized in April 2015. Action Team strategies will be prioritized for ongoing implementation by the Superintendent’s Strategic Planning Steering Committee. The priority strategies with cost implications will be presented for consideration in the 2015-16 budget development process. 

The Superintendent’s Office will provide oversight of the District Improvement Plan and strive to align activities with the Colorado Department of Education Unified Improvement Plan requirements. The Superintendent’s Office will coordinate the Strategic Plan evaluation and accountability measures with the District Accountability Committee.