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Substance Abuse Prevention

An important program in BVSD that works to deter students from abusing drugs is the Gateway Drug Peer Educators program. Peer Educators are BVSD high school students who make numerous presentations to help educate middle school students about the consequences of drug use. These high school students have dedicated much time and effort to provide valuable education and resources to middle school students about gateway drugs. Classroom presentations have included information on addiction, peer pressure, and making good decisions.
New Gateway Drug Peer Educators receive comprehensive training that includes (but is not limited to) interpersonal skills, public speaking, gateway drugs, stages of change, and health content.
For more information on the Gateway Drug Peer Educators, please contact Kelly Miller, LCSW, Transition Specialist, Boulder Valley School District, (720) 561-6079, kelly.miller@bvsd.org 

The primary goal of the Substance Abuse Prevention Project (SAPP) is to support students and staff in the development of healthy lifestyles. SAPP is committed to the belief that substance abuse and other maladaptive behaviors in our society are serious problems with far-reaching implications for individuals, families, and communities. SAPP's activities are designed to promote mental, social, and physical health in the individual, thus preventing violence and the use of alcohol or other drugs. SAPP's approach is based on the following beliefs...

  • Local schools solve local problems
  • Teams are more powerful than individuals in solving problems
  • People support what they help create
  • Prevention/intervention requires interagency/community collaboration
  • A complex problem requires a variety of programs for its solution


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