Connecting with the community the top priority in first 100 days

It is truly an honor to be the new Superintendent of the Boulder Valley School District. As our students return to school, I can’t wait to meet them, their families, our staff and the community.

This is my first year here in BVSD. I was attracted to this outstanding school district because of its reputation as a leader in the state of Colorado. This is, no doubt, due to the the support of our community and the hard work of our 4,000 caring employees who are truly dedicated to supporting our students every day so that they can reach their full potential.

Our teachers are known for their innovation. I would encourage you to visit our schools to see their cutting edge work, which is based on best practice. The results are easy to see; our students are not only very successful, but highly engaged, passionate about learning and well-prepared for life after school. Through our innovative learning focus and our nationally recognized social and emotional learning efforts, they are gaining the skills they will need to succeed in the careers and industries of tomorrow, many of which have not even been developed yet.

Thanks to our taxpayers, this work is being supported across our district through modern learning environments that have been inspired by the needs of students growing up in the 21st century. This summer, with 16 projects under construction, we reached the half-way mark on the projects funded by the bond program passed in 2014. In addition to repairing and maintaining our buildings to ensure they are safe, healthy, and comfortable for our students, this bond-funded work is revolutionizing our buildings through the addition of makerspaces, 21st century libraries, modern student cafes and outdoor learning spaces. Boulder Valley Schools is considered a national leader for our forward thinking building design, with educators throughout the country visiting these spaces each month. These improvements are a great example of what can be achieved when, through community support, a school district is able to make their vision a reality.

The outstanding community, amazing educators and a commitment to innovation are just a few of the many reasons my family and I couldn’t be happier to call Boulder Valley home. This summer, we made the 1,500 mile drive from Atlanta, Georgia, where I previously served as Deputy Superintendent of Academics in the Fulton County School District. Since my first day as a math teacher 21 years ago, my career has been dedicated to ensuring all students have the opportunity to reach their goals and dreams. That will be my focus as your new Superintendent.

During my first 100 days, my priority will be to engage our community and build lasting relationships, knowing that it is essential for a school district and community to partner together to meet the collective needs of all students. I'm so excited to start on this incredible journey  - and hope you will join me along the way! Click here to learn more and track my progress.


Rob Anderson