‚ÄčAbout the Superintendent

Dr. Cynthia Stevenson began her public education career in 1972 as an elementary classroom teacher. In the 1983-84 school year, Dr. Stevenson served as a resource specialist in language arts. The following year (1984-85), she joined the school administrative ranks as an elementary school assistant principal. Dr. Stevenson joined the Jeffco principals' ranks in 1985 - first at the elementary level and then, in 1991, at the middle school level. In 1995, she served as a principal on special assignment for performance-based compensation followed by an assignment as an area administrator until 1997. Dr. Stevenson's rapid rise through the administrative ranks of Colorado's second largest (of 178) school districts continued as she was promoted in 1999 to deputy superintendent before becoming superintendent in 2002. She served as Superintendent of Jefferson County Public Schools from 2002 until 2014. 

Public education is at her core. She is thrilled to be back with schools and communities. She believes there is no more important work in our country than educating our children for the future. 

Even superintendents get butterflies on the first day of school