Carie Anderson and Kim Bennett
2015-16 assessment team for BVSD Research & Assessment Office

Outstanding ability to make test administration as smooth as possible for schools

Presenter: Brigitte Mutter, Assistant Director of Research & Assessment
Carie Anderson and Kim Bennett were nominated by Brigitte Mutter, Assistant Director of Research & Assessment, who wrote:
I'd like to nominate my staff from the 2015-16 school year who maintained the state assessment helpdesks and support school staff to administer tests. I receive so many kudos from schools for their positive attitude, composure, patience and understanding of the elements for test administration to make the process as smooth as possible for schools. Working as an assessment team for some time, it’s about time I nominate both Kim Bennett and Carie Anderson! Best regards to Kim who transitioned to a new position in the district’s Enrollment Office in July 2016. Her assessment team role will be greatly missed.
Below are comments of support for this nomination that Brigitte collected from schools in June:
Genna Jaramillo, Principal at Heatherwood Elementary School -  
The assessment process can be quite ambiguous and complicated, at times. Carie and Kim provide clear documents that organizes all of testing nuances in an easy to understand format. They help us meet deadlines and understand the complexities of testing through these support documents.  
When we have had issues or questions arise, Carie and Kim respond with friendly, effective customer services. They are quick to resolve our issue and then thank us for calling. Their kind affect is something all BVSD departments can strive to achieve!
Samara Williams, Principal at Emerald -
I wanted to share with you what a wonderful job your team did on state testing this year. Kim Bennett and Carie Anderson did an amazing job preparing training materials, providing training for SAC’s, answering questions as schools needed support, and sending out timely informational updates. Any need that a school had regarding state testing was handled by the team with a pleasant, calm, confident manner. They did an amazing job and I hope that Kim and Carie will be considered for the Superintendent’s honor roll.
Bryant Shaw, Assistant Principal at Aspen Creek K-8 -
I am honored and happy to comment on how supportive the testing team has been for me as a SAC. Carie has been available, provided guidance and always had a positive attitude when I would call with questions and concerns. The team response time with helpful information was lightning fast and I could not have made it through the testing season without them!!! Three cheers and thanks a million!