Carlos Diaz, Custodian at Lafayette Elementary
greenBVSD Champion for outstanding efforts to help school
be a winner of BVSD Energy Challenge

Presenter: Tracy Phillips, parent and Energy Champion for Lafayette Elementary

Carlos is the custodian at Lafayette Elementary School. He was invaluable during the school’s recent efforts for the BVSD Energy Challenge (as well as during the school’s efforts in the previous year’s competition). During the competition, Carlos showed incredible initiative and put forth unprecedented efforts, which included:
  • Working with the physical education teachers, coaches, and other faculty, to develop a schedule for the lights in the gymnasium. These lights have a longer restrike time, so he worked with the faculty to develop a schedule to minimize lighting use during school hours and to accommodate after school events in the gym.
  • Working with the School After Care (SAC) and breakfast programs, and other faculty to minimize lighting use in the cafeteria.
  • Working with the librarian to minimize lighting use in the library and ancillary spaces.
  • Reminding office staff, teachers and students to turn off lights in classrooms and other spaces, and turning these lights off himself on a regular basis.
  • Working with the cleaning staff to ensure that they only used lighting when they were actively cleaning a space.
  • Replacing all remaining T-12 fluorescent lamps with new T-8 fluorescent lamps.
  • Updating the school’s Energy Challenge Board with daily energy consumption values, so all students, faculty and staff could see how the school was performing, on a daily basis.
  • Reminding faculty and staff to unplug equipment over the weekends or over holidays, and to keep unit ventilators clear of objects.
  • Reminding faculty and staff to keep windows and doors closed when the outside air temperatures were below 70⁰F.
In addition to his efforts to conserve energy use for our school, Carlos ensures we are reducing, reusing, and recycling every day. He sends out reminder emails to staff, celebrates students when they use the compost bucket appropriately, and ensures that we are reducing the amount of trash we create at school.

Carlos also assisted with the building walkthroughs. He was eager to help, willing to learn, and had many great ideas which we explored throughout the process together.

Carlos represents the single most important energy efficiency measure at Lafayette
Elementary School.