Charlie Kennedy, Junior at Fairview, and
Joe Hopman, Maintenance Worker at Bear Creek

Charlie Kennedy and Joe Hopman web.png
Presenter: Kent Cruger, Principal at Bear Creek Elementary School

Joe Hopman and Charlie Kennedy were nominated by Kent Cruger, Principal of Bear Creek Elementary School, in recognition of their outstanding collaborative work to create a new seating area in front of Bear Creek Elementary School. Following is Kent’s letter of nomination:

I'd like to nominate maintenance worker Joe Hopman and Fairview Senior Charlie Kennedy for the Superintendent's Honor Roll. Might seem like an odd pair, I know, but this pair has just added a permanent new mark to Bear Creek.

Charlie went to Bear Creek in kindergarten through fifth grade and is now a junior at Fairview. When thinking about what to do for his Eagle Scout project, Charlie immediately thought about giving back to his elementary school.

I've seen several Eagle Scout projects as they have been worked on, and I've never seen anyone work as hard and thoughtfully as Charlie did on this project. The result is both functional as well as meaningful -- Charlie created a seating area in front of the school with benches, and each bench has a word (compassion, courage, etc.) that represents important character traits taught and learned at Bear Creek.

But I think Charlie would agree that it never would have been possible without Joe's help. He put in an inordinate amount of time and heart into helping show Charlie what needed to be done, and getting down and dirty and getting it done with him. As is typical of Joe, he did everything with a smile and positive attitude. He's an amazing worker all the time, and this is just one instance of how he goes above and beyond.