Christine Ross and Tara Krams (middle level counselors), and
Julie Tarnowski-Marks (school social worker) at Monarch K-8
Provide outstanding student-focused social and emotional support to Monarch K-8

Left to Right: Superintendent Bruce Messinger, Melisa Potes, Tanner Dayhoff (presenter),
Julie Tarnowski-Marks, Tara Krams, Christine Ross, and Khara West

These three individuals exemplify what it means to provide student-focused social and emotional support to the entire Monarch K-8 community. In everything they do, Christine, Tara and Julie impart students with sound guidance, appropriate lessons and intervention, and caring adult relationships. Further, they provide the utmost support and calming direction to the MK-8 staff and parent community. Whether working through peer conflict, leading student groups, reconsidering a student’s schedule, supporting a staff member in need of strategies, celebrating with a student a grade on an assignment or test, providing assistance to a family in crisis, or bringing the fun when the fun is needed - Christine, Tara, and Julie are there for the Monarch K-8 community.