Craig Nauman and Troy Russell, Maintenance Department
Outstanding work to protect buildings and equipment during March 23 blizzard

Left to Right: Superintendent Bruce Messinger, Aaron Mikulewicz (presenter) Craig Nauman
and Troy Russell

On March 23rd, the day of the "Blizzard" when the Ed Center was closed, both Craig and Troy worked that day and well into the morning of the 24th.

We lost power in many of the buildings in the district; they proactively shut equipment down so it was not damaged when power was restored, saving the district thousands of dollars. When power was finally restored to Fairview and Southern Hills at 9:30 p.m., they worked to bring both schools up and fixed boilers at both sites that had failed due to the loss of power. They then continued on to University Hill, Halcyon and Centennial to fix those boilers that had failed because of power outages. This keeps the buildings warm to prevent water pipes from freezing and breaking.

After leaving work to go home at 1:30 a.m. they both returned to work 5 ½ hours later without issue. This type of work typically goes without notice. When the students and teachers returned after spring break, they arrived to warm, safe, healthy buildings, thanks to the dedication of our maintenance staff and these two individuals.