Deann Bucher - Teacher at Monarch High School
Received the Best Should Teach Award at the University of Colorado

Presenters: Jerry Lee Anderson, Principal at Monarch High School, and Tim Hillmer, Mentor in BVSD Educator Support Services

Deann was nominated by Jerry Anderson, Principal of Monarch High School, and Tim Hillmer, a mentor in BVSD Educator Support Services. Following are excerpts from their letter of nomination:


Ms. Bucher is one of the most brilliant and courageous educators I've worked with during my years as a teacher and administrator. Her thoughtful and visionary curriculum work in the areas of social studies, technology, social justice, and equity have made an enormous impact on elementary and secondary classrooms throughout the Boulder Valley school system. …


Throughout her career, Deann has been on the cutting edge when it comes to advances in technology and curriculum that powerfully influence best practice in the classroom. Early in her career, she served as an Internet specialist and helped to train teachers in BVSD as well as rural math and science teachers throughout the United States. She helped coordinate an effort to bring a multicultural lens to traditional K-12 social studies curriculum in Boulder Valley and spent three years working as a social studies T.O.S.A. (Teacher On Special Assignment) in order to modernize this curriculum. Deann has also served for seven years as a key member of the Equity Cohort Leadership team and has worked tirelessly at providing trainings and workshops for teachers and administrators in addressing issues of cultural responsiveness and inequity within the school system.


In her current educational role at Monarch High, Deann continues to teach a wide range of social studies classes as well as a unique and powerful class in Equity and Diversity. She has served as the sponsor for the Gay Straight Alliance for the last eight years as well as the School Climate liaison for Monarch. As a member of the district’s Equity Committee, she helped to implement the No Place For Hate program throughout BVSD. She has also coordinated and sponsored the Safe Schools Leadership Conference at the University of Colorado.


Finally, Deann continues to participate in a multitude of professional projects that enhance and enrich the learning lives of both students and teachers. She serves on the Teacher Leader Board for Facing History and Ourselves. She is actively engaged with the Colorado Geographic Alliance (C.O.G.A.) as well as the Social Studies Supervisors group for the state of Colorado. She also authored The Financial Literacy Standards for Colorado and edited all content areas prior to publication for the Colorado Department of Education.


Deann Bucher’s impact on BVSD students, teachers, administrators, and families is nearly beyond words to describe. She is very deserving of one of the Best Should Teach Awards, and her 25 year career in public schools has demonstrated repeatedly that she is an innovative and courageous pioneer in the fields of social studies, technology, equity, and social justice. Deann Bucher is someone who “walks the walk” when it comes equity and cultural responsiveness, and she has been a true gift to the Boulder Valley School District for many years.