Deb Hofert
Healthroom Para at Casey Middle School

Presenter: Leslie Boyhan, School Nurse Consultant

Deb was nominated by Leslie Boyhan who wrote:

Deb Hofert is the jack of all trades at Casey: health room para, developer of the new middle level website model with IT, assists with attendance when needed, learning PTC Wizard, schedules P/T conferences. She does all that and more with enthusiasm, attention to detail and an upbeat attitude.

  • Deb is organized! Her management of the health room maximizes safety, efficiency and confidentiality. Deb has developed a system which enables her to record blood sugar readings for diabetic students, calculate carb/ insulin ratios, and give insulin accurately and efficiently minimizing the time students need to be away from class.
  • Deb is unflappable even when faced with a daily avalanche of students with chronic, potentially life threatening conditions while also caring for students who are sick or injured. I have witnessed her taking care of four diabetic students, while at the same time every chair and cot in the tiny health room was full, forcing some students to overflow into the front waiting room. Deb assessed and supported each student with undivided attention and patience, prioritized what care needed to be given without a hint of being flustered.
  • Deb is beloved by students, staff and families while maintaining great boundaries. She exudes compassion. 

Several of Deb’s co-workers voiced their support of her nomination: 

All students feel they can go to her when hurt or struggling. She is full of sunshine and kindness.
-    Nancy Richey, Assistant Principal Casey

She is our webmaster, our health clerk, our bus coordinator, our advisor and our dear friend. She's an incredible person to work with. I am very thankful for her.
-    Laura Martinez, Registrar/athletic secretary Casey Middle School

Her compassion for our students and thorough attention to every detail of our students' health plans is truly commendable.
-    Max Nealon, Counselor Casey Middle School