Jack Powers (head custodian), Patricia Guillian and Johnny Mack (night custodians) at Emerald Elementary School
Outstanding support of Emerald students, staff, families and community

Presenter: Samara Williams, Principal at Emerald Elementary School

Jack, Patricia and Johnny are the custodial staff at Emerald Elementary School. They were nominated by Principal Samara Williams who wrote:


First of all, this custodian team has an incredible work ethic and pride in the work that they do. They clean every area of Emerald as if it was their own house. They are also an amazing team that supports one another, provides a wonderful example of teamwork, and is pleasant and kind to the whole school community.


Secondly, this custodial team will do anything and everything for staff and students at Emerald. For example, we recently enrolled a new student to Emerald who is a child with a significant physical disability. The student's needs are unique and it has taken some extreme creativity on the part of everyone involved, especially our custodians, to find chairs and desks and furniture, etc. that meet her unique needs. Jack, the head custodian, has changed the height of her desk in multiple rooms in the school no less than 20 times in six days.


The custodial staff also does many things that are outside of their regular duties. For example, many times in the evening, Patricia is the only Spanish speaker around in a school that has many Spanish-speaking families. She is always willing to translate, solve problems, communicate with whoever needs help and still manages to get all of her work done in a timely and efficient manner. Recently, Johnny, a night custodian, had to step into an emergency situation when a volunteer tripped and hurt herself quite significantly. Johnny's quick thinking and great communication skills pulled together all the people necessary to help get the volunteer safely transported for medical attention.


As a principal and teacher, I have worked with many custodians in my 20 year career. This is by far the most outstanding custodial team I've ever had the pleasure of working with.