Superintendent's Honor Roll

John Sebastian, Campus Monitor, Centaurus High School
Has had a positive impact on shifting the culture of attendance in the school

John was nominated by Noel Yegian, BVSD Attendance Advocate for Lafayette Schools, who wrote:
John has brought new meaning to the title “Campus Monitor.” More than just an adult to supervise passing periods at Centaurus High School and encourage students to move to their classrooms, he has had a huge impact on shifting the culture of attendance in the building. John understands that making a difference in the lives of kids is all about building relationships with them and manages to balance keeping students accountable for their actions while letting them know he cares about them.
In addition to his prescribed duties monitoring the halls, John has also taken on the coordination of the detention and in-school suspension program. He monitors students’ attendance and with direction of the assistant principal, assigns students who have ditched periods to after-school detention. If they fail to show up to detention, John tracks them down and brings them to in-school suspension, where he makes sure they get their work done. Along the way, he’s diligent about keeping school administration and the attendance advocacy program informed about students whose attendance is slipping and who may need an extra eye on them.
What’s clear to everyone in the building is how deeply John cares about each student completing high school and how well he understands the importance of consistent attendance in order to reach that goal. Teachers and administrators know this about John. But most importantly, the students themselves know he cares and is paying attention. On more than one occasion, a student has appeared for a truancy mediation meeting and answered the question “Why has your attendance improved recently?” with a single word: “John.”