Kim Butler, Teacher Librarian at Birch Elementary
won the 2014 Innovative Education Colorado “Making IT Happen” award

Presenter: Tracy Stegall, Principal at Birch Elementary School

Teacher-Librarian Kim Butler makes a daily outstanding contribution to her students, staff, and district through her leadership at Birch Elementary. She infuses technology into her library and lessons. She encourages students to innovate and create through activities like running workshops for the whole school using Goldie Blox and Scratch, which introduce engineering principles and coding basics. Her dedication to her work was recognized by her a nomination and receipt of the 2014 Innovative Education Colorado “Making IT Happen” award from Innovative Education Colorado InnEdCo. The “Making IT Happen Award” is a recognition that identifies and rewards educational technology leaders and educators around Colorado for their commitment to education and innovation with the use of digital age tools.