Kim Moore, District Registrar/Enrollment Analyst
created new registrar mentorship program &
contributed to state-level work to support CDE's Data Pipeline

Presenter: Mike Wilcox, Assistant Director for Student Enrollment 

Kim Moore was nominated by Mike Wilcox, Assistant Director for Student Enrollment, who wrote a compelling letter noting Kim’s outstanding contributions. Following is Mike Wilcox’s nomination letter:
Kim is a rare person who naturally seeks greater good in all she does. A committed employee of over 17 years, Kim began work in Washington Bilingual School in 1997. She moved to University Hill Elementary after the sale of Washington, before being hired into the centralized enrollment District Registrar position at the Ed Center in 2007. Since then she's been promoted to analyst.

In her eight years in the Student Enrollment Center, Kim Moore instituted a new registrar mentorship program to help train and acclimate recent hires to their duties as quickly as possible. By pairing a new registrar with some of the most experienced registrars in the district, best practices transfer rapidly, often just-in-time for the start of the school year.
Kim was asked by the IT department to become a Subject Matter Expert in Infinite Campus so she can help alleviate IT helpdesk pressure with rapid answers back to school district staff. She took on these extra duties willingly and has become a clearinghouse of knowledge about our student system. She is frequently engaged by IT and other departments to discuss the intricacies of student data and how they relate to systems.
State Reporting has undergone significant changes in the past few years with the development of CDE's Data Pipeline. Kim is a positive guiding force for those changes, training education professionals statewide about accessing data in annual conferences, and communicating with the Department of Education to improve state submission procedures. The same skills transfer right back to efforts to audit our own district data to ensure maximum state appropriation. This year Kim helped pull off a first ever district requested current year audit under extenuating circumstances to separate BVSD from poor reporting practice.
Kim works closely with Dr. Pilch's Graduates Initiative team to reduce student drop-out rates to near zero. With her advanced skills in End-of-Year data, Kim helped create student rosters for action in the field, and minimized impacts to the drop-out rate with detailed knowledge of student outcomes and state reporting rules.
Stemming from conversations with our parent community, and on her own initiative, Kim Moore helped research statewide best-practice concerning more secure record keeping for transgender student identity then started district conversations to improve BVSD Board Policy.