Landon Hilliard, TO School Program Coordinator, and
Bob Jamieson, Benefits Director
Landon Hilliard and Bob Jamieson web.png
Presenter: Bob Young, Director of Transportation

Landon Hilliard and Bob Jamieson were nominated by Jack Ganse, Science Teacher at Eldorado K-8, in recognition of their work to make the BVSD Eco-Pass available district wide in 2015. Jack said, “I truly appreciate their efforts to extend and secure funding for the program so that no employee would be excluded from participating. Thank you for your efficacy!”

Ever the humble honorees, Landon and Bob thanked Jack right back when they learned he had nominated them for Superintendent’s Honor Roll:

Bob said, “Thanks, Jack! It's a long struggle - your support at Eldorado K-8 is critical to sustain it. Hopefully, we can keep increasing participation at every school. Thanks again - that was very kind and thoughtful.”

And Landon chimed in saying, “Bob's comments are spot on. I'll add that it's your encouragement and that of others committed to the Eco Pass that keeps us going against the long odds of establishing a genuine district-wide program. Your effort at Eldorado is making a difference.”

When Bob and Landon first launched the Eco-Pass program in BVSD two years ago, staff at locations with less than 50 percent employee participation were ineligible for the pass due to RTD requirements. In fall 2012, 33 schools, the Ed Center and all three transportation terminals reached the 50 percent participation rate to qualify their employees for the 2013 Eco Pass. Participation increased in fall 2013, bringing the total number of BVSD locations eligible for 2014 Eco Passes to 44.

It has been Bob and Landon’s goal from the beginning that all benefit eligible employees (.5 FTE or greater) qualify to enroll and get an Eco Pass. Due to their untiring efforts, every school increased enrollment this year and Kaiser Permanente gave a grant to allow all BVSD locations to be eligible for the BVSD Staff Eco Pass in 2015.