Lonny Frye, Parent Volunteer at Whittier International Elementary School
Outstanding volunteer in support of Whittier students' safety and well being

Presenter: Sarah Oswick, Principal at Whittier International Elementary School

Lonny Frye was nominated by Whittier Principal Sarah Oswick and Family Resources Schools Coordinator Alexis Batko, who wrote:


Mr. Frye has two children at Whittier. He volunteers most days of the week in the mornings before school to open doors in our drop off lane (known as the Hug’N’Go Lane). He is there in the rain and snow, along with other parent volunteers, getting the children safely from their cars into the school.


In addition to his visible volunteerism, Mr. Frye has also been helping to provide the lifeline of warm winter coats to the students in need at our school. As someone who works closely with Deacon’s closet First Presbyterian Church he has been able to provide coats for more than 50 students at Whittier each fall before the snows start. He has served in this anonymous role for the past three years.


Unlike other donated materials we receive, in this case each coat we receive is clean and has the size clearly marked because Mr. Frye goes through and makes sure our students get the best of what is available. He makes the access to high-quality coats so easy.  He gets them straight to our FRS coordinator who knows the families and can take requests as well as pass the coats out to keep the process anonymous. 

Without his support, I am confident in saying that many Whittier students would spend the winter shivering on our playground and in their neighborhoods. Taking care of our students most basic needs could be an unsteady system causing a huge financial burden and logistical nightmare, but because of this stalwart effort by Mr. Frye, it has been a promise we have been able to keep to our students. We can promise them that they will be warm each winter.


We believe Mr. Frye, who has never sought out any kind of thanks, especially for his behind-the-scenes work, should be acknowledged for this outstanding contribution to our community.