Lynn Tidd, Coordinator, Transportation Special Needs
high level of professional care and commitment to the provision of special transportation for students

Left to Right: Superintendent Bruce Messinger, Lynn Tidd, Ron Yauchzee (presenter)

Ron Yauchzee, Executive Director of Special Education, nominated Lynn Tidd for the Superintendent's Honor Roll because of her efficiency, personal commitment, service orientation and demonstration of care to students, staff and families in her role as Coordinator, Transportation Special Needs.

Transportation is required as a related service each time a student with a disability is unable to access education without specialized transportation. Lynn tirelessly receives inquiries, answers questions, plans, routes, secures drivers and coordinates ongoing transportation services for over 600 special needs students.
Knowing that families and staff will have questions and concerns, Lynn has often requested to attend IEP meetings, in person, to provide information and better provide for the individual needs that are identified. Lynn demonstrates the ability to connect with families and staff as individuals, and to calm fears and concerns through her personal demonstration of care and integrity.  Lynn is a tireless advocate for students.

Ron states “In my career in special education, I have never before experienced the professional care and commitment that Lynn brings to the provision of special transportation.  Lynn truly makes a difference in the lives of many students and families!”