Monique Guidry, Teacher at Boulder High School
Won SHAPE Colorado Teacher of the Year Award AND Central District Teacher of the Year Award

Presenter: Odette Edbrooke, Director of Health and Culture


Excerpts from 9/14/2015 BVSD News Release:

This SHAPE award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated continuous dedication to the advocacy and enhancement of student learning in physical education in the state of Colorado.

“You have personified the concept that the effort made to enrich the goals and objectives of physical education is a labor of love, inspired by commitment and dedication,” wrote SHAPE Colorado Executive Director Patricia Morrison in her letter notifying Guidry of her award.

A PE Teacher in BVSD for 25 years (18 years at Boulder High) and Boulder High Cross Country Coach for 17 years, Monique Guidry has helped transition Physical Education into a fitness-based, lifelong skills course.

“In addition, in a district where PE waivers and online courses are prevalent, Monique has been able to lobby for (and win) requiring that the comprehensive PE class, called Wellness in Action, is a required course for all freshmen and that our online programs cannot offer online versions,” said Odette Edbrooke BVSD Director of Health and Culture. “This is to ensure that all of our students are getting a solid foundation in fitness, wellness and physical education.”

During the nomination process, Edbrooke and colleagues needed an essay from Guidry but they were nominating her in secret, so they made up a fictional reason for her to write a biographical essay because they “knew that if Monique was aware that this was for a possible award, she would be too humble about her accomplishments."

Following is a brief excerpt from Monique Guidry’s version of her “teaching odyssey” –

“I am a continual learner. Basically, I don't want to get bored, and feel if I stop learning, I take significant steps back as a teacher. During the years, we have added numerous new things to our curriculum (ropes course, bowling, jogging, cycling, yoga). No, I don't start out an expert, I just work to learn and do the best I can to add to what our students can experience. We have an AWESOME staff right now. Everyone buys in to a fitness based curriculum. All of our freshman take a course I developed, Wellness in Action, which gives them a conceptual and experiential base. During the middle of every semester, all our PE classes engage in a component we call FUNdamentally Fit. We run that like a rec center, where every person can choose from five different options that day; they wear a heart rate monitor and are accountable for their own fitness improvement. Do we have it perfected? No way. It is a process, I will keep travelling until I retire. What a great life, teaching, inspiring, affecting students in a way they can take their entire lives. Sorry, the things which were valued so highly in high school (reading, writing, arithmetic) aren't very important if you are not healthy of mind and body. Physical Education IS the most important class a student will take in high school!”