Nancy Turner, Physical Therapist for SPED, and
Shannon Numair, 504/ADA Coordinator and Enrich Project Manager for BVSD
Outstanding support for a student with a physical disability

Left to Right: Superintendent Bruce Messinger, Samara Williams (presenter), Nancy Turner,
and Shannon Numair

Nancy and Shannon were nominated by Emerald Elementary School’s Carrie Troxel, Melissa Tingley, and Samara Williams who said:

“We'd like to nominate Nancy and Shannon for the Superintendent's Honor Roll for going above and beyond their job descriptions to support a student with a physical disability. The student has a condition that causes her legs to be significantly underdeveloped and she cannot walk as a result. The student is a fifth grader at Emerald and moved to our community from India about a week before school started this year. The student had always traveled around in India in a baby stroller which had to be pushed by her parents or a teacher at school. Nancy and Shannon worked tirelessly along with the school staff to make accommodations and modifications to our existing equipment and furniture so that the student could participate fully in our school experience. Additionally, both Shannon and Nancy worked with the family on how to access the American insurance and medical system, how to navigate the complicated issues around coverage and co-pays, and most importantly supported the family in getting a wheelchair from Children's Hospital. Without the support of Nancy and Shannon, it would have taken the family years to get a wheelchair that the student could operate herself. To see the joy on her face when she wheeled herself around for the first time was absolutely remarkable. Without the support of these two fabulous employees, we are quite sure that the student wouldn't have gotten a wheelchair for years (if ever). Thanks to both Nancy and Shannon for making a true difference in the life of a really remarkable young lady.”