Norrie Boyd, Boulder County Housing Authority, Jamie Curcio, Contractor, and
Adolphson & Peterson - Brandon Hill, John Herrera and Chuck Lujan
In recognition of their donations and support to rebuild homes of four Foothill Elementary families after damages caused by September rains and flood waters.

Presenter: Melissa Ribordy, Foothill Elementary Principal

These community members were nominated by Foohill Principal Melissa Ribordy in gratitude for the way they teamed up to help four Foothill Elementary School families whose homes had been rendered uninhabitable by the September rains and flood waters. Adolphson and Peterson donated significant labor and expertise to rebuild and repair these trailers. After A & P was finished with their part of the project, Norrie Boyd at Boulder County Housing Authority coordinated contractors to complete the remaining scope of the work. One of those contractors was Jamie Curcio who completed the renovation of the homes. The families were able to move back into their homes before Thanksgiving Break, which would not have been possible without these community members’ support.