Pearline Toney, Kitchen Satellite Lead, and
Clarinda Krause, Custodian at Eisenhower Elementary
Pearline and Clarinda web.png
Presenter: Deb Trevor, Food Services District Manager

Pearline Toney, Kitchen Satellite Lead, and Clarinda Krause, custodian, at Eisenhower Elementary School were nominated for Superintendent’s Honor Roll by Food Services Director Ann Cooper, after she read a letter from a parent of an Eisenhower student. That parent was Brooke Wayne, who had written to the CDE's Colorado Special Education Advisory Committee nominating Pearline and Clarinda for State "People First" award. They didn't get the award, but following are a few of Brooke Wayne’s comments from her nomination letter:

Clarinda + Pearline understand and respect the children's beautiful differences and they accommodate for them. For example, they pay attention to the children's food likes / dislikes and while actively working to ensure nutrition they also will add a fruit and / or veg based on previously-determined likes, introducing the children to textures / tastes and often with great success! For those of us with "picky" eaters, this is h-u-g-e. An enormous success story, not only in terms of the children eating varied foods, but really because of the thoughtful care and consideration Clarinda and Pearline demonstrate every single day.

The ladies, Clarinda + Pearline, understand that all children are different -- SpEd to GenEd -- and all children are wonderful. Watching the way they interact with all the children is proof of inclusion, but specifically they recognize that some children have a harder time queuing, for example, or dealing with the ambient noise in the cafeteria, so they truly go out of their way so that all the children can get their hot, delicious lunches and enjoy them. If that means somebody needs to move through the line more quickly and / or eat in a different environment, then they enable that to happen. It's really a beautiful thing.

Children need to eat in order to learn, and Pearline and Clarinda not only ensure that the children are fed, but that they are nourished. These are simply beautiful women who love the children, *all* the children, they feed.