Superintendent's Honor Roll

Mary Pettigrew & Regner Trampedach, parent volunteers - greenBVSD Champions
Worked tirelessly to promote alternative transportation at Bear Creek Elementary School


Nominated by Susan Churchill, a paraeducator at Summit Middle School and parent of Bear Creek students, who wrote the following:
For the past two years, Mary and Regner have run Bear Creek's Car Free Commute program, organized five to six Walk-to-School Days each year and brought Bear Creek's participation in the Safe Routes to School program to new heights. Bear Creek is a neighborhood school with no school bus transportation. Because of this, almost all children at Bear Creek should be able to walk/bike or carpool to school. Mary and Regner have developed programs that celebrate and recognize the value of car-free commuting. Following are a few examples:
• Organized volunteer crossing guards to remove concerns about safety by ensuring high volume pedestrian areas were supervised during commute.
• Organized multiple "walking school buses" to take advantage of safety in numbers and promote community.
• Helped make the Cruger Cup, an award given to students who walk, bike, carpool to school every day of the year, one of the most popular programs at Bear Creek.
• Reached out to the City of Boulder to redesign one of the most heavily traveled intersections near Bear Creek so that the crossing is safer.
Mary and Regner have been enthusiastic, creative, detail driven volunteers working to make sure that Earth Day doesn't become an empty celebration and that Safe Routes to School program has impact. By building fun events, collaborating with different parts of the greater Boulder community, Mary and Regner have been exemplary stewards of the environment, proponents of children's health and altered and educated people's perceptions of daily transportation. 

Micah Parkin & Curry Rosato, parent volunteers, Guillermo Medina, Columbine Principal - greenBVSD Champions
Provided steadfast leadership for the Columbine Elementary PTA to raise almost $30,000 to buy the greenhouse for the school's gardent-to-table program


Nominated by BVSD School Nurse Consultant Kristina Hyde, who noted the following ways in which this project supports sustainability initiatives:
• The greenhouse provides an opportunity for hands-on learning in subjects such as math, art and science. There will also be an emphasis on health, nutrition, and environmental consciousness.
• Encourages kids to come together as a school community - working to build dome, create beds, stock pond, plant seeds, tend soil, and harvest fruits and vegetables. There will be themed gardens which celebrate different cultures (i.e. salsa garden, pizza garden, African garden, Asian garden, and Native American Three-Sisters garden).
• Provides year-round school garden programming opportunities.
Material Flows
• The PTA partnered with the several organizations to fund and construct the Growing Dome. Each of these organizations has demonstrated a commitment to environmental sustainability.
• A team of approximately 30 parents and community members spent four (snowy) days in March constructing the Growing Dome.
• The Growing Dome is "Off the Grid" with automatic vents for cooling, solar-powered fans, and LED motion sensor lighting.
• Large above ground pond captures heat from sun, acting as a battery to keep greenhouse warm overnight and regulating heat on hot days.