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Translation Services and Language Assessments


The Translations Division has allocated funds to each school for translation services. Once that amount has been depleted, the schools will have to utilize other school funds as needed.

The district's translator will translate documents developed by the departments housed at the Education Center, excluding those programs/projects mentioned. If the document is such as the Annual Report, subject curriculum, Food Services calendar, TAG Parent Handbook, etc., departments should give ample time for translation (and if possible, funds for additional assistance).

For translation services for BVSD Education Center staff only, please fill out this BVSD Translation Service Request Form. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Communications at 720-561-5824 or communications@bvsd.org.

To contact a translator or interpreter, please refer to the following lists: 

Please note:

To clarify the confusion about how to utilize the bilingual abilities of the tutors/paraeducators versus the translators/interpreters:
The assessments given by Translations Services to bilingual tutors/paraeducators in order to work in the classroom are totally different from the assessments given to translators/interpreters. The fact that tutors/paraeducators can use a second language to support the staff/students during instruction doesn't mean they can do written translation of school documents; however, they can interpret during parent/teacher conferences.

District employees who are approved translators/interpreters should not charge for translation/interpretation services done during their regular work hours. They should only charge for those services that are performed outside of their regular work hours and are preapproved by a school administrator.

Telephonic Interpretation Services
_2017-18 Interpreters VARIOUS LANGUAGES (2z).PDF_2017-18 Interpreters VARIOUS LANGUAGES (2z)
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_2017-18 Interpreters VARIOUS LANGUAGES.PDF_2017-18 Interpreters VARIOUS LANGUAGES
_2017-18 Interpreters SPANISH-ENGLISH.PDF_2017-18 Interpreters SPANISH-ENGLISH
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2016-17 Interpreters VARIOUS LANGUAGES.pdf2016-17 Interpreters VARIOUS LANGUAGES
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