Our Mission

The Transportation Department Provides a service which enhances the Learning experience of Boulder Valley School District students.  It is our goal to provide safe and efficient transportation to all the students of the district through equitable and consistent application of School Board Policies, State Department of Education and rules, and State/Federal laws and regulations.

School Bus Safety

Safety is the most important aspect of Transportation.  It is extremely important for each student to understand that safety is an attitude that we can display in our everyday activities.  Safety is not just something we strive for, it is a way of life.  That is why every driver receives over 100 hours of initial training along with annual professional development and evaluations to ensure that drivers are meeting the high standards of our school district. 

Students play an important role to keep their bus safe.  They are responsible for their own safety and can contribute to the safety of their fellow students.  When bus rules are not followed, students can distract the driver and take their focus off the road.  This is dangerous for everyone! 

School Bus Safety Programs

That is why the Transportation Department is working with schools to teach students about School Bus Safety.  Our school buses are an extension of the classroom and that same classroom behavior is expected and should be displayed in the mornings, afternoons, and during activity trips.  Through our school bus safety programs, students can learn a variety of important factors in regards to being safe on and off the bus.
    • ​​​T​he Danger Zone
    • Safety at the Bus Stop
    • School Bus Evacuations
    • ​Safe Riding
​​​By having students take an active role and becoming more aware of their safety, we will be able to improve an already stellar record of safe pupil transportation.

Safety at the Bus Stop

  • Arrive at the bus stop 5 minutes early
  • Wait for the bus to come to  a Complete stop before walking to the bus – the bus will stop 10 feet before you
  • When crossing, wait for the driver to signal you to cross
  • Walk ten feet in front of the bus so the driver can see you
  • Stay out of the Danger Zone (ten foot perimeter around the bus)
  • Never run after the bus

Bus Rules

  • Observe same conduct as in the classroom
  • Be courteous, use no profane language
  • Do not eat or drink on the bus
  • Keep the bus clean
  • Cooperate with the driver
  • Do not smoke
  • Do not be destructive
  • Stay in your seat (bottom to bottom, back to back)
  • Keep head, hands and feet inside the bus
  • Bus driver is authorized to assign seats
For more information and to schedule a class at your school, please contact:
Philip May
Training Specialist, School Bus Safety