Space Available Busing

​Students who are not eligible to ride the bus under board policy EEA, may apply to ride​ if there is space available on a bus. Applications are recieved during the current school year beginning July 1st through June 30th.  Applications for the next school year will not be accepted before July 1st of that school year. Notification will be made on or about Sept. 15. This allows the department to stabilize eligible pupil loads on buses to establish how many seats may be available. Not all students requesting space may be accommodated and approval to ride may be revoked at any time due to changes in student populations or other factors.  Use the following links to apply. See the main Transportation page for quick links to the application forms.

Can my student's bus stop be changed?

The Transportation Department often receives requests to change or add a bus stop.  There are many factors in stop placement and all must be considered before a change is made.

  1. First and foremost, is the proposed stop safe?
  2. Whenever possible stops will be located on public property.  Requests from property owners to remove a stop from their property are always honored.
  3. Is the proposed stop location located as centrally as possible for all the students who will be accessing the stop?
  4. Ideally, the number of students at a stop will be between 10 and 20.  Too few students may result in more stops, affecting the efficiency of the route and make the route longer.  Too many students at a stop may result in behavior and supervision problems.  
  5. Is the distance students have to walk to the stop similar to the distance other students across the district have to walk and are hazards encountered when walking similar to that encountered by other students?  We strive to maintain equitable service per grade level for all students as much as possible.  No neighborhood should receive better or worse service than other neighborhoods.
  6. Are all other parents of students accessing the stop in agreement with moving the stop?  Many times we will move a stop only to receive many more complaints about the new location.  We welcome working with HOAs or other neighborhood organization on stop locations.  

We give serious consideration to all requests, however, we are not always able to honor requests after all factors are considered.  To request a stop change contact the Supervisor for the Terminal that services your school.

​Helpful information for parents

Bus Rules.pdf
Normas de seuridad en el autobus escolar.pdf
Parent Handbook.pdf
Special Needs Information Sheet.pdf
Help Center Flyer.pdf
Instrument list (4).pdf
Transportation Procedures and Practices Update 2018-19 - with ECE Spanish Translation.pdf