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Getting students safely to school every day!

Welcome to the Transportation Department web page! It is our goal to provide safe and efficient transportation for all riders.

  • Our buses transport students approximately 2.4 million miles annually and provide 220,000 miles for activity and athletic trips. 

  • We employee approximately 320 employees

  • We have three sites that span 5,000 to 8,000 feet in altitude with distinct weather patterns

  • Our fleet is comprised of 268 buses ranging from diesel, unleaded, and propane

  • Approximately 10,000 students are eligible for transportation out of 31,000 enrolled 

Please use the links on the left for helpful information and forms with which you can request different types of transportation services. 

Transportation Contacts

Albert Samora, Director of Transportation– 720-561-5120

Boulder Terminal

1951 63rd St.

Boulder, CO 80301

Keith PutmanTerminal Supervisor (Gen ED)– 720-561-5124

Chavonne Demler, Assistant Terminal 
Supervisor (SPED) – 720-561-6217

Boulder Terminal Dispatch Office - 720-561-5125

Lafayette Terminal

1220 Rock Creek Circle
Lafayette, CO 80026

Lynn Tidd, Terminal Supervisor (SPED) – 720-561-6284

Heather Burke, Assistant Terminal Supervisor (Gen ED)- 720-561-6230

Lafayette Terminal Dispatch Office  - 720-561-5126

Nederland Terminal

225 Ridge Rd
Nederland, CO 80466

Keith Putman, Terminal Supervisor – 720-561-5124

Nederland Terminal - 720-561-6241


Boulder Valley School District Security Office - 720-561-5051