We are training the next generation of students to be smart, safe, and competent cyclists for commuting, health, and the joy of riding.

BLAST and Bikeology courses provide training for students in fourth through seventh grades. Expert cycling instructors using standards of the League of American Bicyclists in tandem with physical education teachers lead the courses. Bicycles and helmets are available for loan to students.

In the spring of 2019 we are proud to be teaching BikeED at these schools:

Whittier Elementary

Escuela Bilingue Pioneer Elementary

Angevine Middle School

University Hill Elementary

Ryan Elementary

BVSD BLAST is a primer to teach riding skills to  4th-5th grade students. Core components are taught through in-class presentations and on-bicycle drills including starting & stopping, over-the-shoulder scanning, signaling, and merging.


Bikeology builds upon this foundation by offering 6th-7th grade students the opportunity to practice advanced maneuvers in controlled settings and learn group riding techniques during neighborhood rides.


BVSD Bike Ed receives grant funding!
A Great Outdoors Colorado Nature Kids grant is now supporting cycling education through 2022!

Many thanks to the  participating school principles, PE teachers, and parents!

• Sarah Oswick, Kelsey Rojas - Torres - Whittier Elementary in Boulder.

• Mike Medina, Gene Atencio, Genevieve Aragon - Angevine Middle in Lafayette

• Cameo DeDominces, Beth Buchanan - Ryan Elementary in Lafayette.

• Guillermo Medina, Katie Bock - Escuela Bilingue Pioneer Elementary in Lafayette.

• Ina Rodriguez - Myer, Brad Fink - University Hill Elementary in Boulder.

Bike Ed Staff - Profiles

For more information about the program, email us at bike.ed@bvsd.org