BVSD Safe Routes to School Mission:
To Promote physical activity and safety awareness of K-8 students
through increased walking and cycling to school.

Benefits of Active Transportation

For Students:
    Have fun and get a little exercise to boot
    Learn life-long healthy habits
    Arrive to school refreshed and ready to learn

For the Community:

    Reduces traffic and improves air quality
    Increases awareness of safety at school and in  the neighborhood
    Makes our area a healthier place to live

For Parents:
    Save time and money by limiting car-trips to school
    Contribute to reducing traffic and pollution
    Connect with other parents

Program Overview
Safe Routes to School is a nationally recognized initiative that has had great success in increasing the number of children walking and cycling to school.

The concept is simple. With close support from staff of the BVSD Transportation Department's TO School Program and local municipalities, parent leaders run school-based programs to identify barriers to walking and cycling and employ a combination of techniques to overcome them.

Program Goal
Through fun encouragement events and educational activities, the programs aims at raising the appeal, convenience, and safety of walking and cycling to school for the development of active, healthful children.