​Participating Non-Profit Organizations

The following organizations are Trip Tracker's Non-Profit Partners this year and you can support them with your Trip Tracker dollars!

Art Parts Creative Reuse Center


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Art Parts Creative Reuse Center is a community nonprofit that supports Boulder County's recycling and Zero Waste efforts. We do this by accepting donated industry surplus,  plus other art/craft/school, and resourceful materials, to sell at low cost to everyone. Since opening in May 2015, we have diverted over 24 tons of reusable creative goods from our local landfill.

At Art Parts, students, teachers, families of limited means, and the public can pur

chase high quality art and craft supplies and classroom materials at a fraction of their new cost. A number of high school art students struggle to purchase these expensive materials, so Art Parts offers discounts to them, on top of our low prices. We also provide students and artists with a venue to sell their reclaimed material artworks at Bricolage Gallery, located inside Art Parts, where people can find inspiration on how to use common, discarded items in creative ways. We pay local artists to offer kid and adult workshops on how to create artwork from found and reclaimed materials.

We are nearly 100% volunteer-powered because it costs us 71 cents out of every dollar we earn just to pay our rent. However, we want to begin to pay people because we don't have enough volunteers to help us process the approximately 3/4 - 1 ton of materials we receive each month. Your donations could help us hire teenagers age 16+ to help us in the shop. It can be tough for local teens to find summer jobs. If we had more funding, we could provide above-minimum-wage green jobs for local teens with an interest in art, reuse/recycling, and the nonprofit sector.

Boulder Bear Coalition

Help Protect Our Local Black Bears

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Bears need to eat 20,000 calories a day, which is roughly equivalent to eating 35 Big Macs!  Even with plenty of natural food available in the wild, it takes a bear all day to eat enough berries to equal 20,000 calories! And since bears are opportunists, they will come into town to eat high calorie, easily available food from trash bins and fruit from backyard fruit trees.

When bears get use to eating  food in town, they are considered a nuisance by wildlife officers. The officers will often relocate the bear out of town, but this just doesn’t work! The bears come back for the rewards they got in town. And then they are killed by wildlife officers for coming back!

Bears love fruit, but coming into town for fruit is not good for the bears. To avoid people (and potential human-bear conflict), they need to stay in their natural wilderness.

Donations are used to purchase fruit pickers and other equipment so we can help the community harvest their fruit and share the bounty with local charities, including the bears at The Wild Animal Sanctuary!  Donations are also used to purchase plants and wildlife cameras for our natural food buffer project, as well as purchasing educational materials for community outreach.

Boulder Food Rescue

Sustainable, Just-In-Time Food Rescue in Boulder, Colorado!

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Over the past four years we have rescued over 1,000,000 lbs of food on the most efficient budget possible. For every $1 that you donate, Boulder Food Rescue can provide the equivalent of 7 meals to people in need, with healthy fruits and vegetables.

We work with area businesses to identify food that would otherwise be thrown away, which can be diverted from the compost or landfill. We focus on fresh produce, which may be blemished or for some reason needs to go out for new food to be stocked. This sort of soon-to-expire produce cannot be rescued by larger food banks that use warehouses. We also act as an on-call food rescue organization and pick up unexpected overstocks and overages.

Our donors load this food into boxes which are kept at their store. Then they put those boxes aside in a place that works for them. Our volunteers are the ones to sort through it for them, making it easier for employees to donate.

Once a day at each donor site, one of our volunteers rolls up with their bike, loads the food into a bike trailer and hauls it directly to a recipient site that is scheduled to receive it. We call this “direct just-in-time” food rescue, because it doesn’t require any storage or sorting and the food can be used immediately. In order to prove that such a system can also be sustainable, we do all of the food rescue by bike (excepting cases of extreme weather, extremely large food rescue events, or illness).

The food gets delivered to one of the ~40 recipient sites we partner with and is typically used within 24-48 hours. We provide food to day shelters and food pantries that serve the homeless and low-income folk, but more importantly, we work with individuals who struggle with food insecurity themselves.

Community Cycles

Join us today and add your voice to ours as we advance the cyclists’ agenda

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Community Cycles is a non-profit organization of bicycles and supporters of bicycle transportation. We recycle, repair, and refurbish donated bikes, make used bicycles available to our community, and provide a safe, welcoming space for everyone in our community to learn about bicycle repair. We educate our community about bicycle safety and advocate for the use of bicycles as affordable, viable, and sustainable transportation and personal enjoyment in our community. Today, we are over 2000 members strong, and enjoy the support of hundreds of volunteers every year!  

Eco-Cycle Green Star School Program

School Recycling and Environmental Education Program

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Schools throughout Boulder County are partnering with Eco-Cycle to move toward Zero Waste through increased recycling, the implementation of composting, and special waste reduction activities. The project is part of Eco-Cycle’s award-winning School Recycling and Environmental Education Program. The Green Star Schools are the first in the nation to reduce waste in every aspect of school life. As a result of implementing the program, up to two-thirds of the discards 

Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Devoted to the rehabilitation and release of orphaned, injured and sick wildlife

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Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is the largest rehabilitation facility in Colorado and the only one caring for birds and mammals from north of Colorado Springs to the Wyoming border. We care for more than 3,600 wild animals each year from hummingbird to coyote size. 75% of those are orphaned babies. We also provide education to people of all ages about how to live humanely with wildlife. Greenwood is located north of Boulder near Lyons and has been caring for wildlife since 1982.  


We will use your donated Trip Tracker dollars to provide food for the animals, including worms, crickets, brine shrimp, eggs, fruit and vegetables.  


Growing Gardens Children's Peace Garden

Help Support Local Leadership and Education in Urban Agriculture

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 Growing Gardens of Boulder County has become a nationally recognized leader in sustainable urban agriculture and education programs and has connected over 85,000 people to their food, the land and each other since 1998. Children learn environmental stewardship and friendship through organic gardening at Growing Gardens Children's Peace Garden programs.

Your donation will help kids to explore in the Children's Peace Garden program! Donations will go to scholarships and to purchase supplies like organic seeds, water, child-size gardening tools and beekeeper suits.

Growing Up Boulder - Boulder's child and youth-friendly city initiative

Growing Up Boulder is a program of the University of Colorado Boulder's Community Design and Engagement Center (CEDaR)

Check out Mara Mintzer's great TED-X Talk about engaging children in community planning.  Mara is the Growing Up Boulder Director.

Growing Up Boulder's goals are to:

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1.     Ensure meaningful opportunities for young people’s participation in Boulder 

2.     Make Boulder a more inclusive place for children and youth of all income levels,

ethnicities and abilities.
3.     Give all GUB partners a voice in setting the direction of GUB projects.
4.     Disseminate lessons learned from GUB to the community (Boulder-at-large, youth, academics, GUB partners, other child-friendly city communities).

Your donation supports making Boulder a better place by including the wisdom of its children in city planning.

Mountain Flower Goat Dairy

Help Feed the Goats

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Program participants engage in the basics of goat care – feeding alfalfa and grain, providing clean water, cleaning pens and composting waste. We also teach necessary skills for clean and humane food production to educate future farmers.

Mountain Flower creates experiential education modules;

To enable adult and youth to learn to see themselves not only as consumers, but as important land stewards who are essential to ecological and animal health and wellness. 

To steward the land and gently handle our herd in the production of humanely produced local goat dairy products for our neighbors and community, restaurants and farmers’ markets and grocers.


To collaborate with the landowners, other farmers, the city, our neighbors, nonprofits and other stakeholders to permanently protect the last 25 acres of working community farmland in the Boulder City limits from subdivision and development.

Every dollar you give helps us feed and care for the baby goats so our community can visit and enjoy them!

No Student Hungry: Weekend Nutrition Bag Program

A program of the BVSD School Food Project

Your contribution of $5 provides a family of 4-6 people with enough healthy food to prepare two meals a day, and enjoy two snacks a day during times when school is not in session (weekends and school breaks). Each week's bag always includes: a whole grain item, a protein Item, a fresh fruit and/or vegetable, and healthy snack items. The 2017-18 program serves nearly 500 preschool families (and families of students from other select groups) at BVSD's highest need schools. The No Student Hungry bag program combats food insecurity, hunger, and poor nutrition, and is a unique opportunity to alter students’ perceptions of food and offer nutrition education.

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Sister Carmen Community Center

SCCC provides assistance to residents of East Boulder County who are in need, without discrimination.

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SCCC is a 501c3 nonprofit organization with no religious affiliation. Last year we served over 9,000 individuals that needed support during a crisis. We are the only agency in East Boulder County providing basic needs, such as food, clothing, heat and direct housing financial assistance to prevent homelessness. Our advocates meet one-on-one with our participants to develop a plan to take steps towards self-sufficiency and financial independence.


Now in our fourth year as a Family Resource Center we continue to offer the life essential services we are known for, but with an additional layer of supportive services that strengthens families. We provide family-centered activities that are free and open to the public and educational opportunities to build and strengthen family relationships.


Utilizing a three prong program approach: Nutrition & Healthy Living, Child & Parent Services, and Individual and Family Advocacy programs we are able to address the many facets of a family in crisis. If you would like to learn more about our programming visit our website sistercarmen.org.


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