I appreciate Trip Tracker on so many levels: it reduces traffic around the school, it calms my boys before school, helps them decompress on the trip home and it’s given me insights on how they each handle money.

---Charlotte Bell, Pioneer Elementary Mom​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The BVSD 2018-19 Trip Tracker Program


April Trip Survey Open April 30 - May 6

Our Mission:​

BVSD Trip Tracker encourages and rewards students and families for using alternatives to single family car transportation to BVSD schools.  The program goal is to significantly reduce car raffic and associated air pollution in front of schools thereby enhancing student safety and health.​ 

Students are rewarded monthly for walking, biking, carpooling and riding either the school bus or RTD.  Students receive Trip Tracker dollars that can be used like cash at over 50 local businesses.

How to Participate:​

​If your school is on the list of participating schools below, you can register your children on this website and download monthly calendars to keep track of their trips back and forth to school. At the end of the month, participating families receive an email for each registered student asking them to report their total number of trips for the month via a simple survey (available on the website). We crunch the numbers and deliver boxes of Trip Tracker Dollars to each school to be distributed by parent volunteers to trip tracking students.

If your school is not on the list and you'd like to explore participating for the coming year,​​ please contact peter.hurst@bvsd.org to discuss possible next steps.

The Formula:​

Students earn one Trip Tracker Dollar for every five 'Green Trips' trips to or from school.  They earn an additional dollar for each twelve miles of walking or biking.

Using your Trip Tracker Dollars 

 --buy stuff or be a philanthropist--

Along with our list of over 50 participating businesses where you can spend your dollars like cash, you can donate your dollars to any of these great local non-profit organizations.  You can choose to donate your dollars through the monthly survey OR you can mail as many of yourTrip Tracker dollars as you please directly to them at the addresses provided.  You can click HERE to read about these organizations or click on the organization to go to it's website.

Art Parts Creative Reuse Center (2870 Bluff St., Boulder 80301)

Boulder Bear Coalition (3024 6th St, Boulder, CO 80304)
Boulder Food Rescue (P.O. Box 284, Boulder, CO 80306)

Boulder Mountainbike Alliance (P.O. Box 4954, Boulder, CO 80306-4954)
Community Cycles  (2805 Wilderness Pl #1000, Boulder, CO 80301)

Cultiva Youth Project at Growing Gardens -- (P.O. Box 1066, Boulder, CO 80306)

Green Star Schools Program at Eco-Cycle, (P.O. Box 19006, Boulder, CO 80308)
Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (P.O. Box 18987, Boulder, CO 80308)

Growing Up Boulder (Mara Mintzer, Growing Up Boulder, University of Colorado, UCB 314, Boulder Co 8030)

Mountain Flower Goat Dairy 3980 N. Broadway Suite #103-131, Boulder 80304

No Student Hungry: Weekend Nutrition Bag Program at BVSD School Food Project (P.O. Box 9011, Boulder, CO 80301

Sister Carmen Community Center (655 Ridge Dr., Lafayette, CO 80026)

Trip Tracker, BVSD Transportation, P.O. Box 9011, Boulder 80301

All trip tracker dollars collected by local businesses or donated to one of the non-profits mentioned above are reimbursed by Trip Tracker at 50 cents on the dollar.  All of these dollars are fund raised each year with support coming from GO Boulder, Program Fees paid for by participating school PTO/As, parent fund raising and the Annual Trip Tracker Auction.  We are always looking for additional funding so that we can make the program available to more schools.

If you'd like to find out more about Trip Tracker, please contact peter.hurst@bvsd.org

Participating Schools for 2018-19

  Elementary Schools:

Bear Creek

Community Montessori

Gold Hill

High Peaks



University Hill

  K-8 Schools                     

Horizons K-8

  Middle Schools:            

Platt and Platt Choice
Southern Hills

  High Schools:            

New Vista High School



Neptune Mountaineering at Table Mesa $25 limit

All Boulder County Farmers Markets - You can now exchange Trip Tracker dollars for Veggie Bucks

Coldstone Creamery Arapahoe Village   2412 Arapahoe, Boulder

The Spot Bouldering Gym - Prairie  Ave.,Boulder
 $100 limit



Alfalfa's Louisville
Alfalfa's Market
Art Parts Creative
  Reuse Center
Book Cellar
Boulder Rec Centers -
  East, South, North
Childish Things
Coldstone Creamery
Color Me Mine
Community Cycles
Dairy Queen - Lafayette
Dairy Queen - Boulder
Eats and Sweets
Farfel's Farm
Fleet Feet Sports
Foolish Craig's
Full Cycle
Gateway Fun Park
Glacier Ice Cream
Green Guru Cruiser
JAX Outdoor Gear
JAX Ranch and Home
Kim and Jake's Cakes
Lafayette Rec Center
Little Horse
Louisville Rec Center
Loveland Laser Tag
Lucky's Market - SoBo
Menchies Frozen
Neptune Mountaineering
Ozo Coffee
Paul's Coffee
PC's Pantry
Piece, Love and
Play It Again Sports
Ripple Frozen Yogurt
Runner's Roost
Sister Carmen
  Thrift Shop
Skirt Sports
Spruce Confections,
  Pearl St. and N. Bdwy
Time Warp Comics
Trident Booksellers
  and Café
Village Coffee Shop
WOW Children's